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A Victim Of Society ~ Donell Victim Aka V.I.C.

Whats Your Perception On Life?.. Some just live but V.I.C. look at life as pure drama. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Dennis "Donell Victim" Mahan believed life was hard just by how he saw society around him was. Music wasn't his first idea of how he would spend his life expressing his self. Family, Love, And Fanstay concealed and destroyed his mind enough to develop his rap flow and personality. Optimism keeps his morals in place but when touchin the mic, all what drifts his mind is spit.

Started in the "Wild Hundreds" on 113 and Emerald born amongst a Family of Strangers and a Block full of Niggas. Tho even as the neighbors was under problems, he was blind to society and never thought or opened his mind to life and the game you have to play to survive. He didn't have the record as a Thief, Rapper, Hustler, or a Nigga, he was just gettin by. Soon he picked up the cards to play when his Mom under went a terrible situation. The birth of his sister was a gift, yet his mom delt with a seziure, and a heart attack while giving birth resulting in loss of memory and becoming partially blind. As it couldn't get any worser, his father was drifting away and his family were waiting to dip in his mom bank account. A lesson still yet to be learned to open your eyes to everyone and trust no one.

 As soon as his mom got her memory back, at the age of 10 they packed up and moved to the suburbs, a little place in Illinois called Dolton. Now it was time to adjust, to change his whole personality and develop a mans mind frame. He had to care of his moms and his little sister, because as of then there was no one who could help. Fighting to change in that time he came across a friend (as he calls now) a brother named Markus "Lokee" Cooper. Many people influenced him, but not as much as the group of friends he meets at the age of 12. Just as of curiosity they started a rap group called "Platinum G's". Soon a fun game, became a hobby, then an obsession. The love of introducing his music to neighbors, family and friends, and recieving appriection was as he says" Love". Feeling he actually had a gift among a life of a curse was something to ,atleast he thought, live for. As growing and watching, plus trials and errors, he found the truth to music's potential doesn't lies in just rhythm and matching words but the story behind the lyrics, if its true and the sweat you put into the work.

Soon his childhood group split and he went solo developing his self and rapping so much that it concealed him. "I would come home straight from school everyday and get straight to rapping and writing until the next morning hit. There would be paper covering my whole floor." Many people discriminated against his ideas and downed some of his work, but as a positive reaction it actually helped sculp the lyrics he writes today. Soon people started to see his talent and want to join with him. He and three other started a group called "Illistic" around the age of 15. Even then his name was undecided going from Lil'D to Dmista to Baby Joka to T.S.(Tru Styles), which were as funny as the raps he made that had no feeling yet just rhythm. Soon after a fight between group members and a split up, he was ready to give up in what he believed the only thing that he thought was a talent. " I couldn't give it up no matter what anyone said, it was imprinted in my head to try harder, by then I knew I would be rapping famous or not until I die." "The pressure of how to react to life and society, they way things seemed fucked up and the way you can only make yourself feel better is by seeing other people lifes and think how theres are worser than mine was terrible. Knowing the things you can change you don't want to, and the things you want to change- you can't, drove me crazy."

After alot of Drama he met a crazy friend for some reason he felt he could relate to him named Chris "Skitzo". Soon he developed a need to make his own music and as time passed he learned how to produce and clean his music along with the help of Skitzo. They made a two man group called SGPM (Straight Ghetto Project Musik), which soon was changed to Dramaboys. But nothin last long and soon they drifted, for reasons unknown. As of that he thought his rapping career would be solo, but never knew the friend he first met when he moved to the suburbs was a rapper. Lokee (as they call him now) was a basketball player, a baseball player, an " A" student undercover rapper. One day as of curiosity the two introduced them selfs as not just friends but a group... a rapper/ singing group. " Shit I never knew I could sing that well, Lokee definitely helped develop my flow because you not only needed haters as motivation, you need friends for the confidence. They made me feel as tho I could do more and thats what I did." From the friends he grew up with on 113 to the friends now, almost ever one wanted to rap. He included them all plus the friends of Lokee and changed the name to DramaSquad Click (DSC)." DramaSquad was not just my movement or my idea, it was Lokee's also thats why he ran it along wit me not just one of us, but really it wasn't built on rank, it was built on trust. Then from what all he saw from family Drama to street Drama he felt as a Victim of Society, and being used as a box to put the hate from his mom and dad which they had for each other, he combined there names to Donell... So then changed his Signature to his music as Donell Victim. They took there efforts as far as they could, even performed in Atlanta, Georgia in Club Crucial. "As far as I know, we still got a long way to go."

Shout out to Lokee, Y.P., Unstable, Kahrmuh, N.V., Skitzo, Peanut, Chills, Yarther, Greg, Don Diego, and the rest of The DSC.


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