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00Simon Curphey

00Simon Curphey

Alternative, Rock, Other
From: Melbourne, Australia

About Band

A fish out of water is the latest album from Simon Curphey an accomplished guitarist and singer.Simon is most well known for fronting the legendary Phantom band in the 90's. A fish out of water brings together a lifetime of songs of his own and collaborations with master word smith Dinny O'Brien.

Simon has spent most of his life playing in pubs and clubs, touring and travelling most of Australia as a hired hand or with his own bands,Simon also played and toured with Goanna deep into the heartland of Aboriginal Australia. His music reflects the spirit of the bush and the blues of the cities.

Dinny O'Brien and Marcus Satchell the two people key to  the making of a fish out of water.

Dinny O'Brien...........Cowboy, drover and master wordsmith has worked on everymajor sheep and cattle station in Australia. He's a gypsy who now resides out on the border of South Aus and the Northern Territory, about as far removed from civilization as you can get. Responsible for the title track of the A.B.C. series "bush telegraph, recorded by John Williamson he has a plethora of amazing written word waiting to be put to music and recorded. Simon is one of the few and fortunate people to be wholey trusted by this character of the bush, who starts conversations with f... me around and I'll kill ya....

Marcus Satchell..........Marcus was responsible for recording, producing and playing allong side Simon on "fish". They have a special musical relationship that has been forged over the last 17 years, encouraged by Simon at 17 to go to the collage of the arts where he met members of the high energy acid funk band "Cranky". Many great projects have stemed from "Cranky" including S.E.K. ,Pre shrunk,Oscillate, True live and On Inc. Marcus display's his talents on saxaphone,bass and arrangement....

The album has been a exersize in patience and learning. The independant nature of the recording    has enabled it to have a life unlikely to have been captured in a big studio...         

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