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To hear current songs... Go to http://www.youtube.com/kem131 http://www.facebook.com/kemmmusic https://twitter.com/KemmMusic Simply known as a Dark Horse in the music industry and possibly the next generation for Urban music, Kemm was born and raised to always respect his elders, he grew to love others just the way he admires himself. Graduated from University studying Computing and Electronic Technology he decided that career option wasn't the one for him and wanted to get into something he loved to do, which turned out to be his love for music. In the early years, Kemm went through a lot of adversity at the hands of the environment he grew up in but pulled through with the help of his family and trust in God. He never would have thought he would succeed as he did not Like Music classes in primary and high school but always loved singing in his own time, this mindset was a boiling pot for uncharted territory for him as he grew older and wiser, this urge to sing then turned into passion of becoming an r&b singer/songwriter and a creative Music Producer.

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Website: www.youtube.com/user/kem131
Website: www.facebook.com/kemmmusic

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