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Well Let's start with my name, which is Gerald Durand. Born and raised in Winterpeg(winnipeg), Manisnowba(Manitoba). I do love my city though. Me I'm a self tought guitar player. I'm also fluent with the clarinet. I don't really write much music, I just remember it all. my music it self is like a fine blended coffee, it's a blending of rock and alternative metal and that my friends is what I call experiment. anyone can argue that, go for it.....

Right now I'm Just doing some house parties, but thats the only thing I can do as a solo artist. Finding people to play with is hard when you don;t want to play other bands stuff. I do only original stuff. so if there is anyone in winnipeg that wants to learn my stuff drop me a line at gstoner@hotmail.com.

My influences are deffinatly the greatest bands from the 70's, Groovey, Just sayin'. Bands like pink floyd, led zepplin, and the Who, shows heavey in the storybook froom hell type of sounds i play, my writing comes from bands like Janis jopplin, jimmy hendrix, amd deep purple.  thats all I got for now.....

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