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I have been a music fan my whole life, it begins with music and it ends with music. There is a certain feel or vibe i get from good music. I had to have that all the time. I began writing at a young age and by the age of 19 i had dozens of notebooks filled. I was influenced early on by young mc and digital underground. I was originally born in Greece and when I moved to Az 1989 was the first tast of hip hop i ever had. I was a fan instantly. I listened to all the artists in the early 90's and was influenced by the golden era of hip hop. This is something that has not been duplicated or recreated and it is sad. It is sad that the cult that became a culture is forgetting its true strength. That is with the people. The people make hip hop, and artist is just an artists until the people make him an icon. The people that have been made icons are far from the visions the architects of the hip hop plan had hoped. It is a struggle to overcome the daily obstacles in todays world, let alone give the proper tools to a youth to succeed.   let alone an artist. It is hard being human. But i dont think it is fair for this to take place. I think the voice of ur people have to speak up. we have to unite and become a force greater than any power. We have to be one. The positive music movement is a movement. And it is something I am trying to get rolling. It is a festival of Music and arts and it is for the people.  We have to make this happen.

The reason I am doing this is because I am an artist. And if there was a program in place like I have in mind, it would be easy to plug into and have my music world wide. However there is no such system in place and we have no method to create an anthology of all the musical lyrical and poetical transcripts of life until now.  The world needs to now there are real artists here in Arizona and we are doing real things. We are Making a positive music movement that is going to be just that. Positive Music and a Movement to nify and show the world how to have a good time!

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Website: www.hiphopaz.com
Website: www.positivemusicmovement.com

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