Hard rock, Grunge, Metal
From: Quahog, RI, United States

Band Members

  • Mike(brother onion) Glover - Bass
  • Mark Lucier - Guitars
  • SGT_ROCKK - Lead Vocals
  • Chris Tracy - Drums

About Band

10FOLD (formerly)POINT.08 have opened for national acts Disturbed, Zakk Wylde, Hatebreed, Must, Blindside, RA, Nonpoint, 3rd. Strike, Dashboard Jesus, Flaw, Brand New Sin and, Flipp. It is the goal of this band to do international touring and USO tours. 10FOLD has a strong following that ranges throughout New England. 10FOLD  emphasizes 100% AMERICAN POWER ROCK that Americans want and need after the acts of war upon the USA on 9-11. They play at all size venues from 200 capacity clubs to 20,000 capacity shows like the 2002 Locobazooka (www.locobazooka.com) in Worchester, MA.


Vocalist (SGT_ROCKK) has truly done it all.  Four years(1991-95) in the NAVY brought him to eight countries, meeting 2 first ladies(Bush/Clinton), 1 US President(Clinton), Senator/Astronaut John Glenn as well as RI Senator Jack Reed and supporting combat missions against Iraq and Bosnia as a Plankowner of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73 / Air Dept./V-4 Div.)

He later joined the RI. Army National Guard, in 96, for two years in the 5th/117th AIR CAVALRY “AH-1 Cobra” attack helicopter squadron, earning the tile/badge of “Sharpshooter” of the, famous, M-16/A-2 assault rifle. 

               In 1998, The RI metal group, KILGORE(SMUDGE), asked him to roadie for them on the Ozzfest-98 tour as well as the 1998 SLAYER US tour & FEAR FACTORY European tour.  He toured with Ultraspank, Megadeth, Motorhead, Sevendust, Incubus, System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, Snot, Tool, Slayer, Fear Factory, Spine Shank, Staind, Powerman5000, and Orange 9mm. In 1999, as the “bass tech” for Soulmotor, featuring Brian Wheat of TESLA, SGT_ROCKK toured with Def Leppard, Kid-Rock, Zakk Wylde, Quit Riot, Night Ranger, Ted Nugent, Caroline’s Spine and Jackyl. “My goal is to get back on tour but this time, as the front man for my own band 10FOLD.”stated SGT_ROCKK. "It’s my American Dream .  LIFE, LIBERTY &  THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  I defended it for many years. Now, I’m going to chase it.  We truly can accomplish anything as long as we all strive to live free, but, “freedom”, like a LADY, isn’t cheep, easy or, free.”

                In January of 2004, SGT_ROCKK  volunteered to rejoin the RI ARMY National Guard and requested to deploy to Iraq with 1/103rd Field Artillery BRAVO Battery.  "I believe it's my duty, as a citizen of the USA to defend our homeland from any future terrorist attacks". 


SGT_ROCKK  fought in Baghdad, Iraq as a turret/machine gunner on an armored hummer from April 2004 to April 2005.  Working as an (ILO)MP, he used five weapons. The M2 .50 Cal.(heavy machine gun), the MK249 (SAW)light machine gun, the Winchester M12-guage shotgun, the M-16A2 assault rifle and a 9mm Beretta sidearm.


          "I came home in 2005 with lyrics written for the first ever rock album to be written in a war zone under combat conditions. 

2007 10FOLD signed with the worlds only MILITARY record label, TO THE FALLEN RECORDS.  Currently, 10FOLD is contracted with TNA Wrestling as the theme band for wrestler Matt Morgan.  Log on to  www.tothefallenrecords.com/artist11.html to see the TNA video for the hit single “Sleeping Giant”.

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Website: www.myspace.com/10foldus
Website: www.tothefallenrecords.com/artist11.htm l

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