14 Signals

14 Signals

14 Signals

Rock, Alternative, New-Wave
From: Bad Fallingbostel, Germany

Band Members

  • Jamie - Drums
  • Mark - Bass
  • Kai - Guitar, Vocals

About Band

( You will have to exuse the track "Close Your Eyes" but "WHY" is Fine! It didnt seem to upload properly!!! :[  )

14 SIGNALS… from Bad Fallingbostel.
Make Pop-Punk, Alternative and new wave. Their Lyrics, is mostly about splitting up, love and other happy or sad times!

They Base themselves on Blink-182, Plus 44, Angels and Airwaves, Lostprophets and The Used, as they like the Pop-Punk but soft and also heavy rock.This makes them able to produce all their songs with different Sounds!

Proper Gigs are not up yet as they are still making material and trying to get a place in a studio… Their Will be a Live Recording up after the 10.05.07... Till then we’d like everyone to wait and listen to the other track(s) we have.

Thank you, 14 SIGNALS!

(If Tabs are not found in the Lyrics.. you may ask)

We Want Some Gigs, So if you Can Hook Us Up!
Then Please Do, and Contact Us!

Mail/Fan Mail:

14 Signals

29683 Bad Fallingbostel,
e-mail us:

Fender, Yamaha, Marshall, Stagg, Magic, Laney, Vision, and Seb Hughes... have helped this band very much! Thank you!

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Website: www.myspace.com/14signalsmusic

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