15 Polk St

15 Polk St

15 Polk St

Punk, Indie, Power pop
From: Albuquerque, NM, United States

Band Members

  • Charles Limberg - Lead Vocals
  • Mitch - Lead Guitar
  • Chris - Bass
  • Dan - Drums

About Band

    Polksters!!! What's up we're 15 Polk St, a pop-punk band out of Albuquerque, NM. We have been together for almost a year now and we are already going on our first big tour alongside Emergency 911!! We are a 3 piece band as of now w/ Charles 20 on Vox, Mitch 22 on Guitar and Dope Danny 20 on drums. We have all known each other since our high school years and have vowed to base our band on family first business second!

     15 Polk St came together in late 2009. Due to creative differences and pure diva attitudes, the band has made many changes in the short time it has been a band. Known for their crowd pleasing show and poppy music, 15 Polk St has been quickly on the rise and has been called "The most entertaining band to watch on stage." As all 3 members have came from a different music genre, the band is hard to place in one type of music.The band prides on their catchy up beat songs with deep messages behind them. "It was hard coming from a rapping background to writing meaningful rock songs...it's been a challenge i have enjoyed" says the front man Charles "...and i was taught in the jazz style so it's been a drastic change" adds Dan. Somehow though, they pull it off.

    Not yet signed to a label or manager, the band claims "We're here for the music, all of that stuff will come later." Yet with none of that the band is still keeping busy with photo and video shoots, shows, Writing and soon to be touring. "Everything has kind of fallin' into place" says the band "..and showing no signs of slowing down.

     The release of 15 Polk St's first EP "My Lady Dear" is scheduled to come out right before the tour. This bone chilling album is amazing. The whole album is set around the storyboard of a 35 year old man who is in love with a 16 year old girl and has been waiting to be released from prison so they can finally be happily together in love...only problem is the young girl does not feel the same way. This album starts off as crazy as the whole idea of it and really pushes the limits of "I can't live without you." The title song "My Lady Dear: The Long Walk Home" is schcedule to have a short featured film done to it in the Summer of next year.

     Tour, Videos, Album and more, 15 Polk St is on the way to the top. Make sure to check out the music and other pages and don't be afraid to hit them up. They live for their fans!!

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