15 seconds to venus

15 seconds to venus

15 seconds to venus

Punk, Rock, Electronica
From: why the hell should you know?, FL, United States

Band Members

  • savannah - lead singer
  • megan - head guitar, singer
  • alex - bass guitar, scream
  • needed - drums

About Band

we pretty much get along, Megan and Alex are Savannah's siblings. Megan and Savannah came up with the band a week before 97x Next Big Thing 6. They got the name from 30 seconds to mars. It was kind of a half job on the whole thing, so it ended up being half of the name...

like this... 30 / 2 = 15

and the whole thing of the seconds to venus... it just sounded good so we went with it.

We Need A New Band Member!!!!

apply for it if you want to be in a band>.< savannah broke up with cisco, so we need a new drummer! asap

we also are always lookin for new ppl... it'll sound kool once we have enough members to create the sound everyone's looking for now-a-days... so yea...

thats pretty much what we are about... so... contact us if u want ^^ ttyl...

c ya,

Savannah - Singer

Megan - Lead Guitar

Alex - Bass Guitar -  Scream

*!~!*15 Seconds To Venus*!~!*

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