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1As an individual, I would describe myself as an average rapper with a very, very large... personality. I was born in West Africa so naturally my parents were extremely focused on academics (GPA is worth more than money in an African household). I've been in love with music since my first piano lesson in the 2nd grade and have been playing since then. (Main instruments are the Clarinet and Saxophone | Secondary instruments are Piano and Guitar... and rapping) From jazz band, to wind ensemble, to full orchestra to small jazz combos I've done a lot in the instrumental realm (with a minor in music to compliment an economics degree) but the rapping is very very new to me.

I actually didn't pick my own rap name... long story short - I got pulled into a dance contest on St Patricks Day in Downtown Dallas (2012) while wearing my Super Mario 1-UP Hat.

As I started break dancing the crowd and DJ started cheering for me as 1-UP. A few months later I got a new camera to start improving my videography with and some guys I work with at Capital One decided to do a parody video to Coolio's Ganster's Paradise and call it Nerdcore Paradise 
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xiu-7S1qJn0]

To which the Jace Hall Show found quite amusing according to an article they had on their website. They called me a "genuine nerdcore rapper" so I figured - hey why not it's a fun escape from the real world. I continue to make music in the corner of my apartment


This includes:

  • Creating a beat
  • Writing Lyrics
  • Recording
  • Mixing and putting online

I regularly release music on my soundcloud and bandcamp pages. (My full 19 Track CD I Love the 90s)

2I would greatly appreciate you supporting by liking me on Facebook, Subscribing to my YouTube Page and following me on Twitter.

Also below is my SoundCloud.

Creative Mind Frame - SoundCloud

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Website: www.creativemindframe.com

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