1Apollo's Prophets

1Apollo's Prophets

1Apollo's Prophets

Rock, Reggae, Psychedelic
From: Cranston, RI, United States

Band Members

  • Gerrick Van Deusen - Keyboards/Flute/Vocals
  • Marcus Garceau - Guitars
  • James Richards - Drums

About Band

The sound Apollo's Prophets has created is more than a singular style. It isn't just rock, reggae, funk, hip hop, or psychedelic, and it;s hard to say it's just a combination of it all. It's rather a trip back into the past of the great ages of music, the peaks of originality. They resurrect the face melting guitar solo and utilize the classic synthesizer. Combining their imaginations with all different styles of music they give birth to an amazing perfectly united organism of funk, a sound no other band can produce. THese three musicians have recreated the passion in music, by straying from the systematic style where originality takes a vacation. Gerrick, Marcus, and James hope to one day have this unique sound heard by music lovers around the world, and for the recognition that could bring originality back to the music scene.

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