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In The Beginning it was fun, nothing more......  We use to go to Reese Phifer Hall ans freestyle live on the air. (Mad Pros 2 C.D.)  But getting phone calls and winning battles and losing battles, It was time to put a face to the voice.....So I started the quest @ The Jade Lounge...It was open mic and a battle i told my cuz that i would wait after the first round walk up and win the damn thing..... So thats just what i did no signing up or nothing.  But thru this short road i have been promised alot and have seen none, peeps like we got a track to put you on, other cats stealing my song ideas..... So me and Grimm Da Ripper started recording together Already having success @ Jade i thought it would be the perfect place to perform, so things went wrong on our second performance one of our group members forgot his lyrics.... Pissed and embarrass the dream of the B-Team died that night.... R.I.P Bama Team..... I still had a strong bond with the crowd some was like go solo, u dont need anyone.......So as I thought about somethings Grimm hit the hood Hard With H.O.L.T..... I was like damn time 2 get it again i would record many songs but never released an album, instead i leaked songs..... I got a lil buzz but nothing 4 real so i was like forget it, Thats when i met Spud, Spews & Audacious young and driven they lit a fye that hasnt been there in a long time, we became the new (2eam)  tho we worked on a album (Tha Connection) but never completed it. so we would just give songs to peeps we kno 2ime passed and Spud, Spews & Audacious moved .... funni how i was trapped in this circle... time would pass and i wouldnt do anything but work on beats & write... I was introduced to Big-L and we did a couple of tracks...So I was playing some tracks 1 day and a lady at work couldn't imagine it was me....she said her son did music so we linked and did some tracks...all seemed well but it wasnt ... Sick of not finishing projects i decided to just stay behind the boards, but i couldn't... After talking 2 Grimm,Spud & Audacious 205'R was reborn finally working to complete The first Album (Say About Me) ...Cause alot have been said .... If U Real U kno What 2 do ......messages i get sent to my myspace mailbox says peeps are waiting & wanting, so im going to give it 2 them... my sound is just that my sound my style all mine & alabama is the grind..... 205R is Tha 2ruth....And Im Here So Haters Get Used 2 It.......... My Music My Way!!!!!!!!! 

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