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Growing up as a young kid,i wanted to be the best that i could.so,at the time i had to figure my self out it took a while but i finally did.things weren't going through my mind as they are now,good things at that.and so life went on and on all through elementry,middle,and even highschool i was hearing people talking about this and that.things like,what they wantd to be when they grow up,so,one day i came to think,what do i want to be when i grow up?a policeaman,a firefighter,a teacher or what so i sot down one day just listening to all sorts of music like,tupac,bigga,Ti,hurricane,webbie,lil boosie,and all types of artist like that.And so i thought about it and i said to myself i want to be an artist when i grow  up and i startd from the basics and then i worked my way on up.Now i am an unsigned artist and whether if i get signed or not i will always consider myself the best nothing more and nothing less.No matter what people say about me i know that i am a strong youing human being just like everyone else,i was born strong,built strong,so therefore i am going to stay strong all in the all of the Lord that's why i pray every night asking the Lord to help me be a better person better that i already am.and like i said,if i get signed or not,and am still going to be the same unsigjned artist that's trying to make it i will remain me.and if noone else doesnt i am going to keep considering myself as nothing more and nothing less but one of the best and with all said GOD BLESS!!!!!

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