Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Altheimer, AR, United States

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The name of our organizational group is 2-THROWD ENTERTAINMENT.  We have 3 individual  groups in which the members are: Dante' Jones (Tay),Jeremy Scott (Scott), Roderick Goodloe (Greatloe),Byron Woods(Woods),and Milton Jones (Squirt) which are the Drama Kings,Mark Davis (M13zzy) and Marcus Davis (Big Eazy) which are the M13 Twins,and Stacy Jones (1st Lady Jones),Tracey Rayburn (Sweet Tea),Marzella Davis (MeMe), and Terresha Ferguson (T.T.) which are the Drama Queens. Some of the members  grew up  in Altheimer,Arkansas and some in  Pine Bluff,Arkansas.  Most of our members have been writing songs and doing music since the age of 9 years of age and some of us are fresh starters in the group but we all have the same love for this career and hunger to be heard throughout the world.  Growing up where we live you don't have too many opportunities to show your talent.  It is a blessing if you could even get a free performance here.  So for us to be able to have access to a computer is alot to us because we never would have found out about different websites we could be heard from instead of searching for shows that we haven't found.  We believe that every effort we put towards our dream will eventually pay off for all of us one day.  We are not signed with any label yet so we are definitely looking for a record deal and any offers to benefit us in the music industry.  The group came up with a tribute song for The King Of Pop "Michael Jackson" and also have a video to it so we would like the world to hear and see it.  We have made over 100 cd's throughout the years and all of the songs is great to listen to whether you're happy,sad,or just want to get crunk we have the music for you.  Everyday is a work day for us trying to get our music heard and thinking of new music to come up with for our fans.  We enjoy having fans that love our music so we must continue to give them what they want.  We just started putting our music online and sending it to different places to be heard this year so hopefully our blessing is on the way for the work we have put forward.  Some of our music can be heard at www.myspace.com/twothrowd so you can check us out out anytime you like.  We have done over 20+  performances to be from a small town that some people haven't even heard of.  We are constantly looking for gigs so if someone want to book us for any shows we are available because it is time for everybody all over the world to see what 2-THROWD ENTERTAINMENT has in store for them.  We recently signed a distribution offer with JP Lawson Entertainment so our music will soon be available in stores and online so be looking for us.  Everyone that take the time out to listen to our music or leave a comment or whatever is really appreciated because we couldn't do any of this without  you all.  The people that have influenced us throughout our life would be #1 God, our moms,dads,family,friends,Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston,Jay-Z,2Pac,Notorious B.I.G.,Lil' Wayne,  Master P, Lil' Boosie, Beyounce',Lil' Kim, Trina, Eminem,Dr.Dre,DMX,Eve,Queen Latifah,Yo Gotti,Bones-Thugs-and-Harmony,Young Jeezy,Snoop Dogg,P.Diddy,Nate Dogg,Eazy E,Run DMC,Public Enemy,TLC,Salt-N-Pepper,En Vogue, Xscape,Total,James Brown,Foxxy Brown,Monica, and basically the whole music industry!  The list would go on and on if we could just name all of our influences.  We want to one day be an influence on all ages from young to old and show the world that anybody can do it if we can.  We have been living this dream for a long time and continue to pray for it to become reality.  We love each and everyone of our fans and hope to have the world one day as our pillow to lay our head on for support.  Thanks to everyone once again for letting 2-THROWD ENTERTAINMENT share our talent with you all.  In the past, it has been a good adventure making music and letting people hear us to see what they think.  Coming up with songs that we want to be one day to be major hits and make us successful.  You can come vote for 3 of our songs at www.dantethrowdjones@exploretalent.com, www.stacyjones5@exploretalent.com, www.jeremyscott13@exploretalent.com,and www.boomdizzle.com/uptown1ent.  Show your support and love for us because in the years before we never thought we would have come this far in the work that we have being doing.  It's been a long time coming and we know it is time for us to shine in the spotlight.  Being here now is fine but being in Hollywood is where we plan to be in the future.  We want our children and parents to live a fabulous life one day and be able to see things we didn't get to see as a child.  It is a hard time for everybody right now with this Recession going on but we believe we still should continue to keep our heads up and reach our goals.  It is time for someone from Arkansas to make it in the industry and really come back and give something back to the community that the others haven't done.  Because we love Arkansas no matter what and want to be able to set an example for others here that have dreams.  In Altheimer, there isn't anything to do so that is another major reason we want to make because it is time for someone to bring back the town with stores,restaurants,water system(#1),and whatever we need down here because our children are the future and they need opportunities.  Don't forget about Pine Bluff,  we got plans for there, too such as a Water Park, Renewed and UP-TO-DATE mall,restaurants for the low-income people to enjoy,and whatever it don't have it is coming.  Look out for 2-THROWD ENTERTAINMENT because here we come!!!  May God Bless Each And Everyone Of You!  Thanks for the chance to give you all our best and more!!!

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