2 Drunks and A Guitar

2 Drunks and A Guitar

2 Drunks and A Guitar

Rock, Alternative, Americana
From: St Louis, MO, United States

Band Members

  • Rick Heim - Bass-Vocals-Guitars
  • Jr Richardson - Vocals-Guitars

About Band


We have been picked up by radio station KDJE 100.3 FM in Little Rock Arkansas, for airplay. BUT, we need your help to stay there. By clicking on the above link, you will be taken to the 2 Drunks and A Guitar KDJE webpage. When there, just click and play the song Demon Eyes or any of the other songs there. It's FREE!

THIS IS THE BAND ----- 2 Drunks and A Guitar-----We are just 2 guys that have been playing together for a while, just drinking beer and writing songs. We were told by other friends we should share the songs with other people outside of the small group that hears us play around the fire, or in the barn. So here are some samples for you to enjoy. We seem to have a comfortable mix of the Pink Floyd sound, mixed with a little Seether on the side. Mix in a little old Doors and Eric Clapton,some Cold Play, and you have the sound of the Band from Licking Missouri called, 2 Drunks and a Guitar. We would really like to know what you think. In the mean time......we're having fun!  Release date:

Rick Heim: "40oz’s of Funk." Bass Guitar/Vocals/Mason Jars Bud Select, Swischer Sweets, Jägermeister, Moonshine, Moe, Larry, Curly, Horny Waitresses, Sleeping at the bar. Hookin up, Heroes, Pink Floyd, Roy Orbison, Johnny Winters, Jimi Hendrix, Green buds, and Sandwiches. Motorcycles, Motorcycle gals, Joe Walsh, Area 51, Dust, Dirty Jeans, Very descriptive nasty words. Thinks Britney Spears smells like old men. What? Somebody talking?

JR Richardson “I’m Bigger Than You” Guitars/Vocals/ Beer Cans: Ice Cold Milwalkies Beast, Roll your own tobacco, Cheap whisky, Corn bread, Cheap women in bare feet. Very Horny girls, Staring at the sun on a Sunday afternoon. Claims he “reads” playboy in the pisser. Watching movies through his eyelids. Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Kaye, Keith Moon. Cheech and Chong and various stupor emitting tools. . Junked cars.

We now have ladies spaghetti T shirts for sale with the 'band logo' for sale. Wear one to a show, get in free! The link  to buy one is below, and pictures of the shirts are in the photo section!




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