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My Name is Shawn "2Kan" Topping. I am born and raised in Fresno, CA. I have been into music all my life. I started out playing bass guitar. I advanced onto learning regular guitar as well. I was in choir and advanced choir as Tenor/Baritone/Bass. I entered a band called Kinosis in 2003/2004. During that time i got into music production such as making beats and recording/editing. In 2007 I started Home & Sixth Productions. Artists included Apache and L.uS.ciD. we performed at Babylon and Club Fred (now known as "Audies Olympic"). In 2008 we did a show @ Babylon and was introduced to Statdik. After a sum months we joined together in the same studio making our productions. Then i was introduced to Bad Influence and Remedy. As an addition to the Home & Sixth Family, we Changed our Group name from "Home & Sixth" to "The Katalysts". I am apart of that group now on the side being a solo artist. My outlook, theres no limit to what you can do. I do mixing, recording, beats, vocals, shows, and promotions. I have co produced, mixed, and mastered, "The Katalysts- Kemical Reactions" and produced, mixed, and co mastered "The Remedy- One Foot In The Door". I have also produced for Bigz, Bad Influences, Boondocc, Pyro, and Myself. Now i am in Fresno doing shows @ Crossroads, The Next Bar, Babylon, and Lamppost. I am finishing up my first solo album soon to be released. I am looking to feature on peoples mixtapes, albums, even do things with live bands as well. I am multitalented and ready to make a movement for myself and others as well. Contact me @ homeandsixthproductions@gmail.com for any additional information....

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Website: myspace.com/2kan

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