2nd HALF

2nd HALF

2nd HALF

Rock, Alternative, Power pop
From: Cleveland, OH, United States

Band Members

  • Ed Gandolf - Vocals & Guitar
  • Matt Majoros - Guitar & Vocals
  • Mike Bernot - Bass
  • Drew Scalero - Drums

About Band

2nd HALF is a four-piece rock band from Cleveland, OH representing the city and the very best of it's scene. With structured, guitar-driven songs and accessible vocals the band provides listeners with music that is memorable and energetic. Here's what other people say:

"One Night Alone is a song that definitely NEEDS to be heard by the music buying public"

- Matheson Kamin (Rock and Roll Report)

"2nd HALF is as heavy as they are poppy and as gritty as they are fun. You'll find their brand of modern hard rock tightly-arrnaged and refreshingly angst-free.... Not many bands can straddle that fence between Power Pop and Hard Rock the way 2nd HALF can. These guys always stay true to strong, filler-free melody and well-placed harmony"

- Mike Cameo (indiesTop10.com)

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Website: www.2ndhalf.cc

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