2.R.S. Muzik

2.R.S. Muzik

2.R.S. Muzik

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Omaha, NE, United States

Band Members

  • 2.R.S. - group
  • Durron - singer
  • Big-P - Rapper/Freestyler
  • Los-C - Rapper/Freestyler

About Band

2.R.S. is a very unique Hip-Hop and R&B group, with the mixture of some rap and freestyle comeing out of tha mouth of hungery lyrical beast by tha name of BIG-P that adds lots of hype and excitment to tha tracks and the group. theres also lots of lyrical smooooooothness comeing out of tha mouth of an hungry MC by tha name Los-C which adds to that gangsta swagga you need to make that complete group that everyone wants to here,then you have some crazy vocal abilty comeing out of the mouth of a talented vocalist by the name of Durron that adds lots of flavor and sexyness to tha group which tha lady's luv! Although the group has not been together for a while they have already recieved there props from people like Big-Al host of  hot 106.9 and Mos-Smoove another host/DJ from hot 106.9 while recording "grew up a screw up" in mos-smoove state of the art basement studio were the most talented artist in the O.N.E (Omaha Ne,) have stoped by to sign the wall or just to  make music. 2.R.S. was able to do the same and add there name to tha wall and record in the studio. 2.R.S will have a mix tape (Real Recognize Real) hitting tha streets and corners near you very very soon so be on tha look out for that, and for all of you out of town fans of  (2.R.S. Muzik) the group is puting together ways to ship you copys as well also so you can enjoy the sounds of 2.R.S. the group will be starting a newsletter for you fans so be on tha look out and sign up for that so you can recieve it. we thank you for all for all of the support and everything that you have done and please help promote are sound.  one luv :)

!!$ 2.R.S.Muzik !!$

Shout outs By 2.R.S.

yo what up world, dis be ya boi Durron the vocalist of the group i just want to first and formost give a shout out to god because wit out him i would not be in the position i'm in now so i thank him for the many blessings he has blessed me with, i want give i shout out to my niggas Big-P and Los-C we on are way we bout to make some niggas mad and haters keep on haten yall make us who we are, i also want to give a shout out to my mom because wit out you i would not be here luv you lots. and to are fans we love you and help promote us on ya myspace and everything we luv ya'll we do this for you ya boi Durron 4rom da 2.R.S. click.

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