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Life is a journey of its on, really its what you make of it!


2tyght is not your basic hip hop artist. Born with the type of guts a Pisces would have 2yght attacks many hip hop projects by himself (sort of like a sovereign)! Although 2tyght is always open to features, most of the tracks you will hear now-a-days Will be Lissin and 2tyght, (Lissin produces and presses the buttons while 2tyght has to lay the vocals) 2tyght, the Power 92.3 roll call king has been awarded numerous amounts of first place trophies, for talent shows and poetry shows! As of now 2tyght has several solo music projects, just to name a few Lissin and 2tyght have recorded "Fuk u mix tape", "Step Yo Game Up", "Running Trax", and "Micatastrophe", just to name a few!

My biography is in Spirit,

Living life and handicapping these beatz at the same time.

BIo..........!, U probally cant read anyways......Step Yo Game Way Up!

Since you cant read just LISSIN.





You aint gotta luv me, you aint gotta lust me

ye aint gotta fucc wit me and you aint gotta trust me

so Fucc u (3x)

Love what is that I dont see that in yo bacc

play it cool she gone fucc up an see my back

all i know is swac beat it up crush traccs

I got scoleosis now cuz this bitch wont get of my back

fucc all that lying state the facts

i used to leave then comeback

in love with the game even mj had to comeback

yea i cheated with mary jane but thats just part of the act

all day everyday action so it really aint a act

the you wanna test me like a sat

a standup fella its hard to sit

i be on my ganxta shyt but see im on top of the list

#1 thats the draft picc you talking crazy kill that shyt


I'm living these long days even longer nights// Blow all day sip all night// Wondering when the end of life, // then I wonder why I'm wondering about the end of life// Leave it up to GOD, while I move with the body of CHRIST// You all hypocrites, claiming you doing this// Non believers, Mrs. Fits// No need to spit raps, it's tsunamis when I mist// money got me s's with lines, speak with a cist// I pass the ball for triple doubles other than that i don't need the assist// Every bill that is earned get ironed, I like my money crisp// 10:17 pm My musical mechanics , running trac thru instrumentals imma bandit Local artist can not stand it, I turnt them into fans Shyt They best bet it to cool me off, I'm running them off They raps be hard but it's obvious they snorting the soft I paved the cost, now the money Neva end like the highway on the road, on tour, I go deep everything my way U just Lissin to what I say retired from smoking Bombay, I've lost friends thru crucial conflict all because of hay And the dirt ain't getting any greener Especially without the sunlight I even thought I was fucced up til I seen that bright light 11:07

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