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We are a band from waco tx,wanting to make it big. colton prruitt or ,DC,the guitar player,loved country music.One day his dad put a dvd of a band called kiss on and from that day forward he listen to kiss. That kind of  changed his life forever. He started listening to rock music from  Boston to ACDC. One day he heard his friends talk about a band called greenday and so he bought their latest cd,American Idiot, and he liked it. He started looking up stuff about them and found out they had it rough. People started to think dc was over obsesed with music. He would let people laugh and talk about him and it really made him upset. He fought out that greenday said do your own thing and people hate you, just keep on doing it. If people dont like you then who cares,and it worked. he kept on doing what he loves. And didnt care.

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