36 Fits

36 Fits

36 Fits

Punk, Rock, Other
From: Davisburg, MI, United States

Band Members

  • Zachary - Guitar/Backup Vocals
  • Logan - Guitar/Backup Vocals
  • Anthony - Drums/Band Comedian
  • Sam - Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar

About Band

36 Fits has been subject to lots of change, change of members, change of music style, and a change of overall thoughts towards music. We started as cover band a few years ago, playing a variety of songs in the school’s band room, with a small group of friends that included Sam, playing bass, Zach, attempting to play guitar, and Anthony, on drums. soon after, Logan and Zak joined the band and created the short lived band with no name and five band members. soon enough, Zak and Anthony went in a different direction to create their own band, Demerits. With only Sam playing bass and lead vocals, and Zach and Logan on guitar and drums, 36 Fits began vigorously writing songs about high-school, teenage mischief, logan’s crappy love life, girls (or lack of), and whatever thoughts and lyrics pop into our eager little minds...However, Anthony joined the band again which made 36 Fits the band we have been waiting for. We are currently working on writing and rehearsing songs to put on an album, although it might be a long shot. Oh and by the way, were not claiming to be a textbook "punk" band, thats all they had on the list XD

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