Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae
From: Sydney, Australia

Band Members

  • Chris Frias - Guitar & Vocals
  • Adam Draper - Drums
  • Dan Ryan - Bass, Vocals
  • Mac Beauchamp - MC, Rhymes

About Band

Formed in Bondi Beach in early 2015, 3Islands puts together a unique sound of feelgood jams that blend Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Surf Rock. CHRIS FRIAS// Guitar, Vocals. Chris grew up in California, USA. but his second home and family roots are in the Philippines, which is probably where the chilled beachy vibe comes from in his music. Strumming upstrokes in board shorts and thongs all day, he's got his beach vibes on permanent display. MAC BEAUCHAMP // MC, Rhymes ​ "Chef by day, rapper by night," Coming over from New Zealand, Mac quickly tore up the music scene and gained a loyal following in Bondi as Mac Bison. When he isn't rapping, you could find him breakdancing or training. Whatever his hobby, he has many talents and puts energy and attitude into everything he does. DAN RYAN// Bass, Vocals Dan is the only band member who is actually from Australia! Originally from Kiama, Dan has many musical talents. Not only is he a badass bass player but he can also play the drums and we've recently discovered he has quite a voice on him! ADAM DRAPER // Drums, Cajone "Hits things with sticks...and makes a lot of noise" Adam has always had music in his life. His dad being a drummer in the 1970s Canadian band Klaatu (rumoured to have been the Beatles reunited in '77), he quickly followed suit banging on the kit in his basement studio - or any other conceivable surface - and developed a natural talent for laying down a beat.

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Website: www.3islandsbondi.com

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