Pop, Rock, Acoustic
From: Lat, AR, United States

Band Members

  • Gabe McMahon - lead guitar/vocals
  • Evan Macfawn - drums
  • Dan Compani - bass/vocals

About Band

ok... i made this website after Evan made the first one. I'm Gabe... let me lay it down... our name is 3kt and we are a punk/pop/rock band. I have written over 100 songs, of which about 10 or 15 are in progress. on the concert side, we do some cover songs by bands like Nirvana, blink 182, green day, (+44), tom petty, weezer and good charlotte. if you have any gigs for us you can reach me at my e mail address. we had our first "concert" at the teen coffee house in November playing Beverly hills by Weezer. we did great!! o.k. it was a complete disaster, but, a few months later we bombed the talent show at Shaker Junior (don't be fooled by our age, we can play) and got some respect, which is why we recently added Nicole.

now after all of this bull, Evan wanted a manager and a body gaurd and blah blah blah, but we're really just a couple of kids in a basement with drums guitars and mics. so once again if you have a gig that is in need of a rock band, that would be great, and if anyone could get me some kind of a deal on mixers or recorders or things of that sort, there's my email....till then...PeAcE

ok, so nicole's out, whatever, we're still gonna record at the end of school, or at the end of the summer. we'll have some previews of our songs, and if you want the whole cd, mail me..till then...PeAcE

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