3 Miles Out

3 Miles Out

3 Miles Out

Country, Americana, Rock
From: Stillwater, OK, United States

Band Members

  • Shane Lesko - Guitar / Vocals
  • Clint Faulkner - Lead Guitar / Vocals
  • Justin Sanders - Bass / Backup Vocals
  • Byron "BamBam" Ballard - Drummer

About Band

The Boys of 3 Miles Out

Shane Lesko - 32 - From the snow covered mountains to the red clays of Oklahoma, Shane has seen and done plenty to write and sing about. Shane was born 1979 to a career long Air Force mother that began an unforgettable journey. At the age of 14, Shane moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma to live with his grandmother where he found his music roots sitting in the corner of a room. His grandfathers 63 Gibson Acoustic Electric Guitar. Shane played that guitar everyday and night till his fingers bled. After a few years went by, Shane found an abilty to stop a room when singing with his guitar. At 18, Shane would go on to meet 2 other aspiring artists named - Justin Sanders, and Clint Faulkner....The rest is history!!

Clint Faulkner - 32 - From the small town of Yale, Oklahoma, Clint found his music roots at an early age. From the time Clint could walk, Clint would drag around a guitar, a drum stick, or anything that could keep a beat, playing them relentlessly untill mastered. Nearing Clints teens, Clint began to sing and write finding his voice and style. However, Clints real passion has always been the drums, where he has been called "The Best Drummer" in the state of Oklahoma. Clint began a campaign playing the drums leading Clint to play with, and for, many Top 40 artist of yesterday and today!!! Now with the drum sticks in the past....welcome to the world of Lead Guitarist!!

Justin Sanders - 32 - Born in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Justin attended Stillwater High School, always dressed to kill, that truck with the loudest pipes, and you could always find him at the local skating rink where he would DJ. for his mother and father who owned the rink. Justin began to understand the physics of sound processing, a uniqe ability to hear music and make it sound better. Justin became intreged by the sound of the bass in music he would play. At the age of 17, Justin bought his 1st bass guitar and began to find notes, tones, slides, walks and slaps by listening to music from the radio. After a year, Justin met another musician named, Shane Lesko, who carried the same dream and ideas as Justin sparking a new friendship. Justin and Shane would go on together threw the years forming a band called, Southern Junction. But something was missing....does the name Clint Faulkner ring a bell??

Bambam - 34- Stillwater- My name is Byron Ballard, but I prefer to be called Bambam. I grew up In a small town in Oklahoma called Perkins, I'm originally from Arcola, Illinois, a small Amish town. I was transplanted to Oklahoma I when I was very young, so I consider myself very much a Okie.. I have been involved in the music scene for about 4 years or so.. I worked for Left foot Sally where I was the drum tech / stage manager, I have ran a little sound, and have been playing for about 2 years..

Shane Lesko, Clint Faulkner, Justin Sanders, Byron "BamBam" Ballard

The Boys Of 3 Miles Out

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Website: www.reverbnation.com/3milesout

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