3rd Shift

3rd Shift

3rd Shift

Hip-Hop, Rap, Club
From: montgomery, AL, United States

Band Members

  • Ya Boi Pro - MC/Producer/Writer
  • Headlina - MC/Producer/Writer
  • Big Kurt Da G.E.M - MC/Producer/Writer
  • Dollar-Year AT-5 - MC/Writer
  • Konvic - Founder/writer/MC

About Band

3rd Shift consists of 4 members, with one member proudly serving his country at the moment. Free VIC Davis! lol! Pares (Pro) Artis, McCurtis (BIg Kurt Da Green Eyed Monsta) Grayson, and Shaun (Da Headlina) Cook, all whom are from Montgomery, AL. Vic met Pares who were neighborhood homies in the late 90's along with Mario Harris and hooked up to form the teenage rap group called MVP. During that time and off the record, Vic had known Shaun 2 years prior but didn’t have any knowledge of Shaun's abilty to write, let alone arrange music. They both passed rap lyrics back and forth through 9th grade math class, taking a huge risk of getting into trouble if getting caught with what they had written. Three years had passed (2004) and the group MVP folded over. High school graduation was at the peak of everyones' goals. Shaun started hanging with Pares. Only knowing him since 9th grade, ironicly, they established a friendship that was unbreakable and soon shared the same intrest of music. After graduation, Vic, Shaun C, and Pro decided to come together and form a group. During this time after high school, Vic decided to introduce us to an old friend of his he met from a job. That friend would come to be known as The Shawnte "Lokey" Phillips, Ceo of 700 Hands Productions. Vic let Lokey here a couple of tracks that they had recorded using a cpu mic and Magix Music Maker (TM). Lokey liked what he heard and decided to take the group under his wing and introduce them to the art of recording and music production. Now being an established group with possible stardom, all they needed was a name. Vic came up with the idea of 3rd Shift. "We always get together on third shift so why not be “3rd Shfit?" Vic said. A year later (2005) Pares started dating a young lady by the name of Alisia, who happend to have a brother who was into music production. McCurtis Grayson!!!! A lotta people mistake Pro and Kurt for blood brothers because of the similarities which is funny because they met through Kurt’s sister.(lol) Being nonhesitant about the decision, Kurt was added to the group as a lyricist and a producer! A couple months passed and Lokey decided to put together an album consisting of all of his artists on the 700 Hands Record Label entitled "Fo Serious". This put everyone who had know so little about the label on alert because not only did Lokey put together an album. He shot a video as well! The album's success was short lived due to the lack of local support. The 700 Hands family decreased leaving 3rd Shift with the torch to continue and journey upon a route that has been traveled by many and completed by few. 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