Rap, Hardcore, Hip-Hop
From: Pocatello, ID, United States

Band Members

  • Dirrrty Joe - MC/Samples/Producer
  • Homisyde[187] - MC/Producer
  • Siniztah - MC

About Band

Coming from the Gate City, Pocatello, Idaho, rocking the #1 spot with the hardcore rap/hip hop blasphemy! Featured on WFuckOffRadio, Z103fm, and FaygoLuvers.net! We have grown to be one of the most successful and most respected bands in the Northwest. 3vilution was formed in 2004 in an effort to bring a missing element to the Eastern Idaho music scene, rap and hip hop. The group released an official demo in 2006, handing out CDs on the streets expecting the worst. After giving out a total of 800 copies of the demo, the people of Eastern Idaho demanded 3vilution. This is where the band made a blip on Idaho's radar. 3vilution played their first gig in 2007 as opening acts for a scene of what fans called "repetitive rip-off emo bands causing the decay of the Idaho Music Scene". Despite the negative response toward the other bands, the show sold out, and throughout the whole night, 400+ people chanted, "3vilution! 3vilution!" It got so crazy, the band was asked to do an encore after the other bands were finished. 3vilution rocked the walls and spawned a new breed of music in Idaho. As the years passed and after recruiting Kazper, Codiene, Homisyde(187), and Dirrrt, 3vilution worked on countless sessions, EP's, and mixtapes in anticipation for an album that would put in the band in very high place. Their debut album The Autopsy was released in 2008 from Mediacraft Records, streaming was at an all-time high for Mediacraft's only signed act. After departing ways from Mediacraft, 3vilution went strictly underground and independent. They continue to sell out a majority of their shows, sell CD's, and carry the name of East Idaho's #1 Hip Hop Band. To this day, Homisyde(187) and Dirrrty Joe are spreading the 3vilution, a new album is in the works, and an "3volving" sound is among the horizon...

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Website: www.3vilution.com

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