48 Hours Strong

48 Hours Strong

48 Hours Strong

Rock, Electronica, Alternative
From: Cleveland, OH, United States

Band Members

  • Andrew Koethe - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys
  • Ryan Bliss - Lead Guitar, Backup/lead vocals, synth
  • Nathan Jones - Percussion, backup vocals
  • Kim Hill - Bass, Harmonies

About Band

All four members of 48 Hours Strong have had a high interest in music throughout their lives and had a shared dream of being in a band one day. Andrew Koethe and Ryan Bliss had begun writing music in high school and eventually decided to collaborate on their ideas. This was the start of 48 Hours Strong and when the band's name was formed. After writing some original pieces, and performing acoustic shows around the Cleveland area, the duo wanted to expand and have a full rock band. They went through many auditions for a dedicated bass guitarist and drummer without much luck. Koethe then made a contact on a "musicians ads website" and through that website, met Nathan Jones, who auditioned and became the bands full-time drummer. Still in need of a bass guitarist, the band elected Kim Hill to take up the role. Her inclusion to the band rounded off the collection of musicians, and helped to start up a potential "musical powerhouse." Be on the lookout for this group to make themselves known in many regions and to help bring in the new age of rock music!

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