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From: Reading, United Kingdom

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As humans we are not perfect. Many people in this world continue to search for perfection, but it is the realisation of this imperfection and the celebration of it which makes us one of the greatest mammals of this world.

My name is Mustafa Baba Tunde Shiyanbola, I am a brother, a friend, a cousin, a son and an artist.  I believe as humans we are in charge of our destiny and the choice to steer it in the right or wrong direction is our personal choice regardless of peer pressure or other influences.

I started singing and making noise (rapping) as my mum calls it at the age of 7.  Music was always played in the house, Bob Marley especially and also African music which allowed me to develop my musical ability. About my music,  I started singing in churches for just a hobby when I was young but when it came to rapping I took this very seriously because all my friends were into it and I was quite good.  

As a family, we moved to France when I was 11 years old, within months I learnt to speak French fluently and I believe that added an extra dimension to my musical growth which gave me a different insight to music and language in general.  When I was 15 my family and I moved back to England which is when I decided to take up rapping seriously.  I remember days on which I would practice and my mother would beg and shout at me to come and eat but all I was interested in was perfecting my art.  

As a teenager music became the most important thing in my life it allowed me to express myself in an unimaginable fashion.  Whilst growing up my influences were Puff Daddy, LL Cool J, Marvin Gaye, Biggie, and Diana Ross these are musicians I feel, in there generation,  had mastered the art of music and were able to express themselves in there own personal way through it.

As an artist my aim is to be the best of the best, I work hard and practice relentlessly in order to achieve my aim.  It's hard but as my father always says "life is hard, work hard and the world will be your oyster".  I love music because it allows us to free our minds and express our deepest thought, music does not discriminate, it has no colour or class it loves you as much as you love it and makes you happy when your down. Embrace music and all it brings from now the past and the future, for it will bring you many experiences you will love and cherish

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