4SHO (rapper)

4SHO (rapper)

4SHO (rapper)

Rap, Hip-Hop, Hardcore
From: Cincinnati, OH, United States

About Artist

Wadonn Wells, better known as 4SHO (rapper), is a talent to be reckoned with. His universal appeal is meant to touch many and his talents are limitless, blending the East Coast, Midwest and dirty south genres to produce his unique sound. Originally born on Long Island and brought up in Roosevelt, NY, 4SHO moved to Cincinnati, OH in his youth. 4SHO began writing music at the age of 12 and developed his rapping skills thereafter. He continued to honor his craft, getting better and better each year, listening to all genres of music, developing his style. Since Cincinnati is basically in the middle of everything, he was introduced to all genres of music, and not limited to one.
Since developing his rap style, he focused on writing more than anything. He has been a ghost writer for several local talents in the Cincinnati area. He has also executive produced several underground mix tapes featuring him and other local talents. One thing that he prides himself with is the fact that he has a very gifted hand when it comes to writing lyrics and catchy hooks. His music is geared towards today's modern urban female audiences, because he feels that females will relate to his music style and passion. 4SHO loved doing this so much that around 2010, after talks with his producer Domingo ‘DIGGZ’ Hussain, he decided it was now or never with this music career. So he started to record and polish up his microphone skills. The rest will be history….
As an artist, 4SHO will provide you with a smooth and rhythmic delivery, and rides beats as well as any veteran in the rap industry. He will provide any record label with his 6' 4"athletic physique, tattooed body, pretty boy sex appeal, and a variety of talents including songwriting, music production, and even graphic design. He is very versatile artist and can keep up with the fast rhythm of a techno beat, or even slow it down to keep up with the slow tempo of a ballet. His music interests include the late Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie and his favorite, Ludacris.
Currently 4SHO is working on his first OFFICIAL Mixtape (the others were independently released locally) entitled My World My Dreams which will be hosted by DJ Rob Low. This is set to be released on October 12th 2012 and he is currently finalizing his upcoming EP entitled 4SHOTIME, which will be entirely produced by DIGGZ of DIGGZTOWN MUSIC. Look for more things to come with this talented artist, holding down the MIDWEST and beyond

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