Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul
From: Bressanone, Italy

Band Members

  • Philip Oberhuber - Power Guitar
  • Andreas Taras - Groove Bass
  • Hannes Walder - Drum Machine
  • Peter Raffin - Sexy Phone
  • Christian Popodi - Rap Shit
  • Christoph Baur - Rap Shit
  • Christian Dejaco - Soul Master
  • Michael Oberstolz - Sound effects
  • Ingo Ramoser - Keys

About Band

„4Twenty“were founded by Andreas Taras (bass), Christian Popodi (mic), Maximilian Tosoni (drums) and Philipp Oberhuber (guitar) in 1999. During the following years, this core of four musicians was expanded to 9 band members. Armed with funky beats and bass lines, hot guitar riffs, an insanely groovy horn section and an MC on tha microphone, 4Twenty rocked the house on every stage they played. This first chapter of 4Twenty’s history culminated with the historical concert at the “Schlossberg” Open Air in the summer of 2000. A one-year stage-break -caused by some of the members moving away to go to college- followed, during which the “hard core” of the band elaborated a whole new concept of their own music. New members Hannes Walder (drums), Peter Raffin (sax), Christoph Baur (mic), Christian Dejaco (Soul) , and Axel Deluggi (Soul) joined the band, and the band’s inactivity was ended by the fabulous “Silvertour” during summer 2001. After this tour, the band started the so-called “Plastique”-project, which led to the recording of 4Twenty’s debut album of the same name. Why “Plastique”? Well, because the band’s typical mix of “shanty” dance-blues, “acid-jazzy” bass lines, earth-shaking funk beats, all wrapped up by wicked rapping and soulful singing, is a typical product of our modern society: all must glitter and be glamorous, all are “in” and no one wants to be “out”, at the end all is just “Plastique” (don’t like this explanation? Well, then why Metal?? :-) . The result of the hard work put into this project, 4Twenty’s debut record “Plastique”, was presented to the public on May 31st 2003.

But not enough, that was just the start-after various tours organized trough south tyrol to promote the cd, in 2004 the decision was made to bring the live energy onto the record. Easily said  but lot of hard work-but after all it was worth it and  in summer 2004  we did not only release the Live cd "Smells funky" but also the Live Dvd " Live 04" all in autodirection and self financed with the previous tours. 

Other highlight moments are the Austrian Newcomer Award in Vienna in 2005- the A1 Music Masters Award in Vienna in 2007-various Airplays in italian, austrian and german local and internet Radios such as Radio Holiday (I) -Radio Ö3(A)- Radio Sputnik (D).  In Italy we climbed the charts and for 22 weeks were on number 1 and are still present in the charts with "Wenn der Beat rollt" .In 2008 we won the Southtyrolean Music Award and actually we won the Italian Live Award 09. At the International Live Award 09 in Vienna we placed 2nd!!!

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Website: www.myspace.com/4TWENTYIT
Website: www.4Twenty.it

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