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Welcome to the land of 5 Majiks.  A totally unique and unforgettable musical experience.  If your tired of all the one hit wonder artists out there that get overplayed on the radio and who are just a clone of one other, than come give 5 Majiks a listen, you wont be disappointed.

5 Majiks is based around the idea of taking everything we hear, the music we love, the air we breathe, the sounds we hear and forming that into a unique musical experience.  5 Majiks is influenced by all sorts of different musical styles, but is true to sticking to its own unique sound.  If you love guitar, drums, piano, bass, synthesizers, unique sounds, beats, 5 Majiks has it!!!!!!  If you want to hear more from me ,check out  my website www.5majiks.com.............Cheers

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