Pop, Rock
From: Melbourne, Australia

Band Members

  • Kudy - Vocals, Drums
  • Ozy - Vocals, Bass
  • Tans - Vocals
  • Hass - Keys
  • V - Guitar

About Band

Calling 6hr Sundae a band would be an understatement. The core of this close knit group of friends was formed at birth and if it wasn't for what developed into a profound comradery, 6hr Sundae wouldn't have been able to spark the international interest that now gleams over them.

Yalc, Tans, Ozy, and Kudy began to practise as a band officially at the tender age of 12. Throughout their teenage years, they developed their musicianship and even dabbled in the art of writing music. Towards the end of their teenage years, they were pleasing crowds at a number of venues in and out of Melbourne. Critics credit this to the twist of upbeat Mediterranean flavour that the boys add to their groove. Hass, the keyboard player, brought his creative and timing excellence into the band in 1998. The final addition Metz, the guitarist arrived in 2001 to finalise the current line up of 6hr Sundae .

All six members contribute their individual creativity to all of the songs. Due to the variety of musical influence from each individual member, 6hr Sundae has been successful in creating a harmony of rock, pop and funk, that has proven to appeal to a range of listeners.

Having played just over 80 live shows with the current line up, the band has developed a considerable presence on stage. By impressing promoters at a few of these live shows, 6hr Sundae made their way onto the stage at the Crown Showroom as a support act for a prominent international rock artist. This is where the international interest was given its boost and the band wet its appetite for the concert stage. This achievement also made 6hr Sundae known to a Sydney promoter who later had the band flown to Sydney to play in front of a large crowd.

Their latest live peformance, a rock festival in Istanbul, Turkey, to an audience of 25,000 was a career highlight and surely a sign of things to come.

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