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Over the past years that i have been on this earth i was able to create a "Swag" that could never be duplicated.I've been through many situation that I though I would never been able to get out of but i bless on november.8th 1997 with the ability to be able to combine words that could send message and from there on out my "buzz" started to expand and new doors became open as i got older I'm am now 16 yrs. of age and has gained alot of street credit here in the streets of Philadelphia(Murder Cappi) now that i have reach my destination I'm still hungry for more i know i have the mind to aim higher then all these other "rappers" but I'm above that I'm a young torch just waiting to be discovered by a well know chief but in order to show the world what a below knee amputees with a unique voice(without effects) can do. so with the music that i'm bringing to the table is destine to have lot of people talking "the new kid on the block" and as my manz myxtape once said "i bring reality to u and feed knowledge to da streets. While everyone's tryin to be a gangsta, im trying to be Me" -725

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