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Underground music from Iran (terrible terrible place to be gay). muslim government is very nosy and here being gay is a crime by itself which is punishable by death, let alone what they interpret as homosexual propaganda, satanic music, and such. But by the time they get to me I'll sell the car, empty the bank account, jump on a plane and live happily ever after in an UN refugee camp, I hope I get raped by somalis at least once a day, we gay people are into those kind of stuff. TOO GRIM! Send all muslim to mars! Well if you are reading this it means you have listened to the song too, if you liked I'll be making more. Sorry about the poor poor quality, these are just concepts, I'll record them in a proper studio if it they get feedback, otherwise I don't want to waste that much time, money, and energy on something only I like! I used to play guitar in an underground black metal outfit, but the metalheads are generally homophobic so I do POP/ROCK now, and I sing about being a poofter! Also if you don't like my work you really shouldn't be listening to it honey, perhaps it is not for you. Anyway, I upload them here so I can finally expose them to the real world, to see if they can stand the light of day, shine on them then honey!

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