♕Ray I. IlectofhimProductions

♕Ray I. IlectofhimProductions

♕Ray I. IlectofhimProductions

Reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B
From: Guyana. Live, London +, Germany

About Artist

Ilectofhim Production: I RayI was born in Georgetown GUYANA 11.9.59: My given name from childhood is Sydney Ray Augustin, I am the second of five children for my earthly mother, Pamela Augustin R.I.P. All my childhood musings, adventures and pranks had musical overtones. At school I joined the steels orchestra. At that time my age was 10. I was doing well, at mastering all the different instruments that made up the steel orchestra. I developing a natural ability to play the instrument and even sing at the same time. By the age of 15 I was able to do it all, master all the different instruments that made up the steel orchestra and also arranging and teaching other newcomers how to play steal pan "Instruments. As time goes by I switched my attention to learning to play the guitar. It was a grueling task, being a self taught musician, but I persevered. Then I began writing my own compositions. And In 1980 I was a founding member of the ILECTOFHIM crew, consisting of myself and 6 other musicians. We played together for over a decade before we split up and went our separate way of life. Now I am based in the UK and Germany, I am still trying progressing my musical career as a singer, songwriter, arranger, musician and just about every other thing musical. I have many of years of written compositions that I have to shear with the universe. I feel it is my duty to teach LOVE, RESPECT and OVER-STANDING through my music to this generation and generations to come, who still struggle to over-stand what life is all about. I am now living with my focus on the ALMIGHTY FATHER. I do my utmost best to spread the words of life in Truth, Roots, Culture And Reality, with my music for the world to listen and learn. I will do my best for the ALMIGHTY FATHER, JAH And for all humanity Universally. And for I self...Jah Bless...

The title of my debut album "CD" is..... "Think About The Time"..... Which is ALSO the name of one songs on the album. I wrote that song to relay a message to the younger generation that crime does not pay, always think about the consequences B 4 you do the crime. "Think It Over"... was written by Virginia Augustin my ex Wife and it was inspired by a high profile crime in London when a African youth lost his life over the jacket he was wearing. I wrote... "Ghetto Child"... when I was about 19 to 20 years,and this song has a lot of meaning to me, due to life was tough "Tuff" growing up and living in the ghetto...."Live Clean"... was inspired from a conflict with I've had with another Rasta man. All of my songs are written based on a combination of experiences I've live true, and also my point-of-views on humans dignity and how to make this world a better place to live for the future generation.....

ILECTOFHIM PRODUCTIONS "Think About The Time"RayI's Début Album
RAYI is the :- Singer. Song-Writer. Composer Arranger. Producer.
Featuring DJ Anton (naughty) Jacob
The Musicians are
RayI playing the Bass
RayI playing the Drums
RayI playing the Rhythm Guitar
RayI playing the Lead Guitar
RayI playing the Key Boards
RayI playing the percussion and congo
Other supporting Musicians
Colin Waldyke :-Lead Guitar in GHETTO CHILD & LIVE CLEAN
Jahson (egghead) :-Congo & Key Boards in GHETTO CHILD & LIVE CLEAN
Anton Jacob :- Drummer and engineer Record At Ilectofhim Studio. Bedford Uk.
Mixing and Engineering :-RayI + Anton Jacob
I don't use samples To Make Music.

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