Laurie Buchanan

Laurie Buchanan

Laurie Buchanan

Acoustic, Ambient, Other
From: Essex, United Kingdom

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I am Laurie Buchanan and this is my official Unsigned website.

So here's a little about me;

I play acoustic music and I am based in the South East of England, Essex, and study Music and Art. My whole life revolves about one passion, and that passion is music. If you ever see me, I will always have something musical to my hand, either an Ipod, CD, Guitar, even musical note socks! I am obsessed. So why shouldn't I? It's the only invention that has taken over the whole world! It's everywhere! From the birds tweeting, to the rhythm of busy cities.

I don't think I could ever stop playing an instrument. Even if my arms had to get amputated. I'd play with my feet. I don't stop playing my guitar when I get blisters, or get cramps in my hands. No pain no gain. However, I will draw the line if my finger's bleed cause I wouldn't want to get my guitar dirty now would I? ;)

Now onto the more important things;

I discovered music from an early age, from where my Grandad used to play his acoustic guitar or organ. Or my older brother singing solo on stage.

However, the first musical instrument that I could claim to call my own was my first electric guitar, that my family clubbed together to buy me for my 7th birthday. And from the age of 8 I was the bassist for England's Youngest Rock Band and got to play in front of 8000 people at the 2004 International Scout Jamboree.

I compose all of my songs entirely by myself including the lyrics too. I usually compose my music and lyrics in my bedroom because it's one of the only places that I can all my own. I love performing to a wide variety of audiences and enjoy sharing my music with people who can relate to it.

One day I would like to believe that my music could be played on daily radio stations and people would know my music when they hear it.

Myspace - Http://Www.Myspace.Com/LaurieBuchananMusic
Twitter - Http://Www.Twitter.Com/LaurieMusic
YouTube - Http://Www.YouTube.Com/User/LaurieBuchananMusic
OurStage - Http://
PureVolume - Http://Www.PureVolume.Com/LaurieBuchanan
Unsigned - Http://Www.Unsigned.Com/LaurieBuchanan
BandiZmo - Http://Www.BandiZmo.Com/LaurieBuchanan
Twitter - Http://Www.Twitter.Com/LaurieMusic
iLike - Http://Www.iLike.Com/Artist/Laurie+Buchanan
Imeem - Http://Www.iMeem.Com/People/CWyICwi

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Website: Http://Www.Myspace.Com/LaurieBuchananMu sic

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