Alternative, Progressive, Experimental
From: pretoria, South Africa

Band Members

  • jean-louis brummer - DRUMS
  • ronald davey - VOCALS/TRUMPET/CELLO
  • christo semmelink - BASS
  • albert smuts - GUITAR/VOCALS

About Band

Tyre Fire is a Pretoria based progressive rock group that formed in July 2011 to headline the opening event of the Borderline Art Exhibition. Due to immediate and somewhat unexpected popularity, more gigs started lining up for them in rapid succession and they haven't stopped since. This popularity, combined with a culmination of gig experience and their love for making music, resulted in the crisp and creative album Fishlore Fundamentalist, recorded almost a year later. Their electric sound is an unexpected and never-been-heard-before mix of smooth melodies intertwined with technical changes in rhythm and timing with driving rock and roll undertones. The band consists of Albert Smuts, the bluesman with a penchant for grungy tones, metal riffs and angry but lyrically beautiful backing vocals, Christo Semmelink, the Fender Bass wielder with a knack for slapping his guitars violently and in the same breath making them sound motivated by it with fat, chorus driven and ambient sounds, Jean-Louis Brummer, the technically proficient drummer who mixes up energetic bursts of brutality with progressive, jazzy fills without skipping a beat, and Finally Ronald Davey, the multi-talented frontman who ties it all together by utilising his extensive vocal range, the flat tones of his hauntingly melodic cello and his bright, ballsy trumpet. Tyre Fire strive to constantly create and explore musical boundaries, and they're always pushing to better themselves both in terms of creativity and live performance. They are definitely here to stay; to build up a following of preposterous proportions and to rock the boat named SS SA Music. So assume crash positions and get your rubber ducky… This might get rough. - Joe Supertramp

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