Hip-Hop, Rap
From: Lcity, MD, United States

Band Members

  • Slim - c.e.o
  • Shooter - president

About Band

It all starts with 2 brothers living right out side of D.C dallis(slim) and nick(shooter).Growing up neither one of them had it easy they both struggled and fought for everything they attained while being teenagers.living in prince georges county they both managed to get in alot of trouble within the school system their mother thought that they need a fresh start so she then moved right out side of p.g county into Anne arundel county but there fresh start quickly went sour when one night an incident involving dallis(slim),nick (shooter),and corey(c-breeze) resulted in the arrest of these three on charges including felony burglary,theft over $500,underaged drinking,malicscious destruction,and vandalism.While sitting behind bars the two brothers started freestylin after a couple of weeks they started really gettin nice so they realized they would soon need a name 4 da group slim,shooter,and corey got together to think of the name they decided to go wit a1 to symobolize from the bottom to the top bottom being jail top being success.growing up they witnessed fights between their mother and father,they beat and jumped their stepfather,in and out of jail twice as juveniles once as an adult they decided to see wat would happen if they took all of that go hard attitude you obtain on the streets into their music at 20 years old for slim and at 19 for shooter a1 is already moving wit over 70,00 profile views on their myspace,on streetfame magazine t.v got features wit artist from ohio,ny,florida,north carolina,south carolina,and texas.Also right now there 2 singles so far "frozen" and "bookin me" both have set a great buzz in the streets.So to make a long story short 2010 marks the A1 take ova 

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Website: www.myspace.com/a1theofficialteam

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