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“What happened to the riffs you could bang your head and groove to” ask A470?. Something’s missing in music today and something needs to be done about it!

A470 are coming full speed out of South Wales with a hard rock metal vibe and are not stopping for anything or anyone! Four teenagers, Jamie (vocals guitar), Chris (lead guitar), Shane (bass) and Jack (drums) have grown up listening to their favourite bands such as Pantera , Metallica , Black Sabbath and Machine Head and think why can't they be up there with those guys! Yes, these four ambitious guys have a real belief in making the music they love and doing it well! It shows in their live performances so be ready for a good show!

Since their inception in 2006, A470 have released two demo’s and constantly gigged around South Wales. So with their determination to be up there with the best there's gonna be no stopping A470 and if any one dares to try they're gonna get run over!

A470 pride themselves on their live performance which shows energy, power and passion that they feel is missing in music today and needs to be stamped back in.

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