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Ashley Kulani Khosa born March 3 1998, Well known by his stage name A-Hetero, is a songwriter, rapper and record producer signed by AY KAY Records . Acted in local movies. His name came about due to his passion of science. Hetero is a scientific word for ('different') and 'A' is the first letter of his first name. A-Hetero simply implying ('Ashley Different'). Since he started making music at an early age, A-Hetero discovered music as his eye sight love of art then he released his first mixtape “Correction In Dimension” which features tracks like “Wealthy Mind”,”I Still Love You’” and “That's Fashion.” From 2015 A-Hetero has been working hard for his coming album “Redefined” which features singles like “More Than Better” and “Dedication.” A-Hetero performs in different schools to inspire students with their talents and help them reach out for aspirations through his art. You can find out more about Ashley on . . . facebook :A-Hetero twitter :@A_Hetero (http://www.unsigned.com/a_hetero) email : Booking.ashleykulanikhosa@gmail.com cell : 0723017771/0610565975



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