Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: Defiance, OH, United States

Band Members

  • Mario Moreno - Owner/Vocals/Rap
  • Eddie Miller-Garcia - Lead Rap/Lyrisist

About Band

Formated Name:
Associated-Track - Best known as "A-Track"

The style of the music is Club, R&B and Hip-Hop.
Durring recording sessions, they like to make the lyrics flow, just by hearing a Hip-Hop Beat without writing a song.

Group has been created by Mario Moreno, The year of 2004. Becomin a Singer and Rapper.
Mario Moreno was born in Bay City, Mich and then moved to Archbold, Ohio. He meet Eddie at a valcational scool and thats when he hired him into the group. At first, A-Track was just A-Track with out the A having a meaning. After all these years, Finally There was a meaning for it. Associated-Track means: having a group of people in sessions together laydown a Track.
Mario Moreno has been dealing with music all his life. First becoming a drumer when he was a little kid. As he grew up listening to different music, started to play different kind of instrument. In 2004, there was Magix. After Magix was descoverd by Mario, he started to make music from left to right.

Styled lyrics created by Eddie Miller-Garcia, Hired in 2005. Becoming a lead Rapper for A-Track. He was born in Las Vegas, Navada and then moved to Defiance, Ohio where he currently lives today.
He has been listenin to rap and hip hop for about most of his life. He started rappin when he was about 13 years old with his friends just messin around. Then he started gettin known around his town a lil bit and started to write lyrics and put them to songs. Then about up to 2005 Mario Moreno Discovered him and brought him in to the group known as A-Track. He is now writin and rappin his lyrics on cd and gettin gigs set up for the group.

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Website: www.myspace.com/associatedtrack
Website: www.purevolume.com/associatedtrack

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