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On the Mic i call myself "A-Young" but my real name is Andrew Martin. I was born in Austin, TX and put up for adoption 2 days later, and i moved to Houston Screwston Texaz. I lived in Houston for a few years before moving to the suburbs. At the end of 5th grade i moved to South Carolina. When i started 6th grade at my new school i realized me and my brother and a couple other kids wur the only white ones there. the school was 88% african american, and freestyling and battling was a BIG deal. everyday at lunch i would go watch these 4 guys freestyle and batttle. a big group watched them cuz they were really good. after watching them i started to rap when i was alone. when i was in my room or just walking down the hallway i would freestyle to myself. i eventually started listening to alot of rap (mostly Eminem). And as time went buy i kept writing and then i started battling and ended up making songs. i eventually moved back to Houston and now imma senior in highschool and i dont know what i wanna be because i spend all my time making money and writing rhymes. i dont think its a good thing but i know it will pay off eventually. thats all of my story, i hope you like my music, tell me what you think, laterrr

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Website: Myspace.com/ayoungfreshinda713
Website: Myspace.com/ayoungfreshinda713



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