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Alternative, Folk, Experimental
From: Sydney, Australia

Band Members

  • Patrick Lloyd - song writer, sound artist & performer
  • Paul Berry - song writer, sound artist & performer

About Band

‘Earthener’ - a fusion of folk, country rock, blues and passion! (expression of the universe - a lloyd berry project) ‘Earthener’ rose out of a neighbourhood jam session in the first quarter of 2009. Experienced performing & sound artists Pat Lloyd and Paul Berry, realised a musical rift that night in the lounge room of a friends beach house in Warriewood, Sydney and decided to explore its scope and edges. Now with multiple parties and gigs to their credit, 'Earthener' is taking great shape and are very excited to offer their ‘expression of the universe’ to venues and clients that are passionate about live music. 'Earthener' should be considered by venues and other clients who are looking for an absolutely creative and exciting sound full of dynamics and textures that can either: take over the venue completely like a thick earthy trance or; flow in and around the venue like a swirling magic spell. Pat & Paul use electric and acoustic guitars (lead, rhythm, slide & bass), vocals and percussion together with various playing techniques and effects. In keeping with the circumstances of their chance meeting, Pat & Paul play predominantly original folk, blues and country rock based music that reflects: i) 'the vibe of the thing', developed on-the-fly at the time they are playing; ii) a preconceived structure and / or riff - influenced again by 'the vibe of the thing'; iii) completely pre-written, garnished and served hot with passion; and all of the above in no particular order. You can listen to some of the home recorded music of Pat Lloyd and Paul Berry at: add web link For bookings please contact: Paul Berry 0418 296669 Patrick Lloyd 0417888337

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