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     As a record gains momentum, it becomes a driving force in the music industry - we hope to help improve the quality of today’s mainstream music by producing solid, high quality albums that fans will be listening to for the years following its release. Through our techniques and trials of toiling away at both acoustic and electronic work, we hope to attain the attention and enjoyment for all listeners. Our goal lies within the core of music itself: we simply create and conceptualize the emotions that music allows for as a medium, rather than aspiring for material gain as countless artists do. Without this ideal, there is no soul, no passion; it is a aspect of life that has been missing in an immense number of scores these days. Nevertheless, we are not attempting to revive the zeal that the industry held in the past. Instead, we are aiming to bring about a new age of fervor and emotion in music through a torrent of both old and newly uprising forms of the melodies that enhance the lives of humanity.

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