A Band Named Billy

A Band Named Billy

A Band Named Billy

Rock, Electronica, Alternative
From: copenhagen, Denmark

About Artist

Okay so.. what is this ?

A band named Billy is an outlet of frustration from me, as an artist.

Its not a band - its a small computer, a microphone, a guitar, and a guy with
too many ideas to contain them all.

I like what i make. Because i love music. I love music, because it makes me


If that makes my music good in your ears, so be it. =)

Currently the story about these tunes are that they all were made in 3 days, 1 a day, in average of about 8 hours per tune.

The "last" tune, *Sixteen* is the development of my voice i guess, since i at this point in time havent been singing for more than 5 months.

It feels right to me, and is beginning to feel better and better. But it is very difficult to define your own vocal, from ..your own vocal. I guess thats why these tunes are semi-trippy.

I have made alot of other stuff before this, - which you can check out on http://spindel.mymusic.dk, and http://loon.mymusic.dk - both are older projects, some date 8 years back.

I do not believe i am a God in music making, or singing for that matter, but i do believe i am slowly overcoming my problems in trusting , in believing.

I no longer care
if i share
my dreams
with you
my dear

Or.. something poetic.

Anyway. Have fun on the page - i hope you like the music, its a bit rough -
and probably will develop over time as all good things do, and hopefully
someday i have enough money (because thats what its all about.. ) to
buy myself a green bike.

Actually.. not a bike. A car. Yeah. A big muscle son-of-a-bitch car that weighs
ridiculously much.


Visit at http://www.myspace.com/abandnamedbilly

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