Abandoned Sea Men

Abandoned Sea Men

Abandoned Sea Men

Rock, Alternative
From: Leeds/Bradford, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Arron Dulay - Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Elliott Hillary - Bass
  • Oliver Blair - Keybaords
  • Will Long - Drums

About Band

Once upon a time.. 4 straight men found themselves abandoned at sea and shared a common interest in epicness...

But seriously, quite simply, 4 guys with jack all else to do realised that they all clicked when creating waves of sound, more commonly referred to as music. It was with this epiphany that they decided to form, the abandoned sea men. Things developed and they improved...slightly. The first song was sparked off as a crappy music tech coursework thingy ma job (more) and they realised that they weren't all that bad... it was after the results that they discovered that the song was rated badly by the exam board and decided to stick it to the man by continuing their ever decreasing trade of making noise.

The Sea Men can be found rehearsing in a cramped, sweaty room but it does the job. They like nothing more than playing music, rolling in nettles and getting drunk like all good sea men.

We hope you enjoy our company for the brief time that you spend with us and we hope that we can touch you in ways that you have never been touched before.

Much love
Abandoned Sea Men.

Arron: Guitar, Vocals and primate impersonator
Elliott: Bass, Harms and is all round creepy
Oli: Key's, synth and alcohol
Will: Bangers and harms and general annoyance
H.M.S Mary: Loyal Vessel, The Band Wagon
The Green Machine: Mature Vessel, Wills car

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