Death Metal, Experimental, Other
From: Largo, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Ian Welsh - Lead Vocals/Guitars
  • Mark Edwards - Guitars/Lead Vocals
  • John Allen - Bass/Vocals
  • Doug Carrigan - Drums

About Band

Abatu is the Sumerian word for the release of Negative and Destructive energy. That definition of the name is the exact definition of this band, a destructive, raw, hateful, aggressive, force of disdain. The band was started in 2004 by Ian Welsh, the bastard offspring of his old black/thrash, band Affliction.

The bands epic, brutal and explosive sound is unmatched by anyone. Its technical experimental style is forged in with this to create the being, Abatu. Mixing progressive elements with brutal speed and blistering technicality with a Middle eastern, Eastern, Jazz, and Classical twist this band is unlike anything ever heard. The sound is often described as "Experimental" Death Metal. Now with the addition of the new members Mark Edwards on guitars and vocals, John Allen on bass and vocals, and Doug Carrigan on drums, this force grows stronger.

The band's main lyrical concepts are based off of modern Satanism, Sumer-Mesopotamian mythology, occult philosophies and teachings(Hermetic, Alchemical, Middle Eastern, Black), man him self (psyche, thought patterns ect...), alternate realities and dimensions, and accenting into deification, chaos, the grand magus HP Lovecraft, and lastly, the most base of all emotions, hatred.

Abatu has shared the stage with acts like Contorted, Matriarch, Anal Blast, Toxic Holocaust, Sathanas, After Death and many others. Abatu's unique sound cuts through modern death metal swiftly, Abatu is unleashing it's death metal assault on the world! All in the way will be annihilated! Abatu IS the future of death metal, and what is to be death metal.

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