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                                                   Abdu Brown abdu@nomattertheoccasion.com
                                            Corporate General Manager for Cube Ent. International Inc.
                                          Executive Director of Entertainment for No Matter The Occasion  


   Primarily my goal is to work with new up coming artist by giving them the platforms for positive exposure using our own venues.
     The concept is that with proper exposure the artist becomes marketable on several levels which in turn empowers them. I look forward to working with many of you.
     I also provide the Locations, Settings, and Entertainment for Concerts, Night Clubs,


I can remember listening to Frankie Crocker on WBLS in New York and loving music as a young kid, but what I noticed most  about music that keep me fascinated was how music could produce emotional internal and external responses. I sincerely believe there is some type of spiritual connection between God, Mankind, and Music. What else could explain how one song changes the mood of the whole world? Now that is profound isn't it?

I think I first noticed this music emotion connection as a kid, when my parents would have house parties and that one song would come on from Lakeside “Fantastic Voyage” and everyone would go crazy, or when Fire and Desire by Rick James and Tina Marie came on how the room became quite. The second time I noticed this music emotion connection was during my mother's divorce from my father. Mom’s played the hell out of Luther Vandross “\A House is not a Home and I know that song helped my mother get through what she was feeling at that time. 

Until I came to California, I just listened to music. Then the day came that I decided I want to Play music. I remember walking into my high school gym during a noon dance watching this DJ named Wizard scratch records like a professional surgeon. Afterward, I was so impressed I contacted my father who was still on the East Coast in Connecticut and asked him for two turn tables and a mixer. When I received them by mail I never wanted to leave my room. I fell in love with the possibilities of music.

In 1985, a couple of friends and I started a DJ crew in the San Fernando Valley that was called Shalamar Productions (not the singing group). I just liked the name Shalamar I thought it had a nice ring to it and we actually became very popular.

We also started producing concert parties at the Sherman Square Roller Rink in Reseda California with the likes of the Cover Girls, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Nice & Wild, LA Dream Team, Sweet Sensation, Expose, Debbie Deb Trinere and many others. That was during the time I transitioned to a new promoting group called Lolli-Pop Promotions and had a working relationship with Greg Mac from 1580 AM  KDAY along with Tony G and Julio G. We would book the same artist for two shows in the same night one in the valley and the other in Los Angeles at a club called The Casa. I started to not only create a name for myself but also a following.  I was then offered an internship on the FM radio station 102.3 KJLH in California through Carl Nelson. At that time, I thought I arrived and was on my way.

Unfortunately, not long after my internship with KJLH, I made some bad choices that led me in another direction and caused me to lose everything. However, through those experiences I learned some valuable coping skills and life lessons that make me very proud of myself today.

I decided, due to the experiences I had, I wanted to give back to people the same thing I received, which was a chance.  So I started working in the social services field as a substance abuse counselor in the City of Santa Monica.
While working as a drug counselor, I wanted to go to college but did not have the money do so. I heard that Loyola Marymount University would give out special grants to people that have overcome challenges if they wrote a letter about the obstacles they were able to overcome and what I would do for the community if they (LMU) provided me with an education.  I submitted my letter and LMU gave me a grant to go to college almost for free.

While at LMU I studied drug addiction, co-occurring disorders, psychology, pharmacology, and family dynamics. I decided that I wanted take on a bigger challenge in the social service field so I started working with HIV+ patients that had co-occurring disorders. Out of all the jobs I ever had in my life, working as Case Manager for HIV+ patients was the most rewarding. Unfortunately I could no longer manage the heart ache that comes with working in social services anymore and the fact that I missed the music industry so much is why I am here today

                                                                                   My Vision

I have watched the music industry from the side lines and have analyzed it in many different ways and now I see a totally new and diverse direction that the music industry must go, which not only gives the fans more control; it also creates an interactive relationship between artists and fans. Technology has forced the music industry to look for another business model that would be consistent with today's current and tomorrow’s emerging technology.

To understand an artist's worth, you must first understand the artist’s fan base and the purchasing power of such fan base. This model creates layers of relationships that are built on marketing the artist and fans. This new model causes the artist also to be accountable to his or her fan base, which forces the relationship to change, causing the artist to be responsible for his or her own fan base there has to be content in the artist fan relationship for it to continue. The artist creates the fans and the fans make the artist marketable. A fair exchange has been developed, yet it has to be maintain by appropriate marketing of the artist and the artist’s ability to recreate themselves. 

No longer is it the friend, at the record label that can get you signed; that power has been removed; their hands have been tied by YouTube and a number of other social media sites. We have entered the day that everyone who has talent can become a star, whether it is in their own home, city, state, country, and even the world.

The reason why I love Tha Performer and The Big Stage project is because we offer a new platform to the music industry, giving the fans power to choose the next super star and new levels of expectations for artists.

Tha Performer / Big Stage also does something no other label has done, which is to open our front door to any artist and giving them the chance to make there own creative direction, while assisting with developing and refining the artist’s creative intelligence.

Artists have been standing in front of record label doors forever, hoping that one executive would listen to their music as they walk in the door. We now have a stage that is open to the world and for the world to watch. 

That is the power of Tha Performer and The Big Stage.   



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