Abigails Attic

Abigails Attic

Abigails Attic

Alternative, Rock, Indie
From: San Diego, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Valerie - Lead Guitar/ Harmonica
  • Justeen - Drums/ Percussion
  • Barb - Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals
  • Tara Jo Oliver - Guiyar/ Vocals

About Band

“Femo” alt-rocker Abigails Attic offers a strong female image wrapped in catchy rock stylings to hungry audience members craving something different from the norm. With a sound offering accessibility and originality in the same luscious package, Abigails Attic is all set for a little rock conquering.

> “I’m happy, fulfilled and lucky to be able to play music,” says Valerie Easterbrook of Abigails Attic. And the fans are sure lucky to have this music to listen to. Drenched in emotional power, the songs of Abigails Attic readily rivet listeners, keeping them hooked to the irresistible moves and grooves of this top notch rock-and-roll artist.

It’s obvious from a listen to the music of Abigails Attic that these songs are the work  of true musical excitement. ‘Music is our passion and we are able to project that to the people listening.” It’s the mark of solid songwriting that the feelings of the artist are transparent to the  audience and that’s certainly the case here.

Abigails Attic has taken the stage at the San Diego County Fair, the Long Beach Pride Festival, Hennesey’s Pub and Tavern and a slew of private parties. The creative process is neverending for these dedicated musicians. “We are constantly writing and creating music, whether purely instrumental or lyrical.” Plans are being laid for the recording of the band’s first full-length CD, which will help expand their already growing fan base. A five-track EP – “Yeah But Still” – is already available. But the group believes the live atmosphere most perfectly conveys the strengths of Abigails Attic. “Our live shows really showcase the talent of years of a pure passion for music.” The band even has a mascot named – naturally – Abigail, who perches on the bass drum during the live performances. The group is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

“Passion and personal power are hallmarks of this artist’s mesmerizing work.” – A&R Select.

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Website: www.MySpace.com/ImNotAbigail
Website: www.ImNotAbigail.com

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