Rock, Alternative, Other
From: Konwa, OK, United States

Band Members

  • Travis Cummings - Bass
  • Michael Cummings - Guitar

About Band

We started in early 2008 when I (Travis Cummings, Bass) suggested to my friend (Jalan Garner, Vocals) that we should start a band to play the talent show. So we asked my brother (Michael Cummings, Guitar) who is the master at guitar to play wih us. After he agreed we needed to find a drummer. We found our drummer in Cody Stinnett. Then after two months of practice we played the tralent show and got 2nd place. we played; chicken huntin (it was picked by our former rythem guitarist), Free bird, Eruption, you really got me, jump in the fire, and blitzkrieg bop. After the talent show cody couldn't play with us anymore so we got my other brother(Aric Cummings) to play guitar (also a master) and put Michael behind the kit. So with our new line up we got a gig at ECU. We wrote three songs and played about 5 or 6 covers. About four songs into the set we got kicked off stage for playing to loud to the audience of old people. The next day we went back to konawa and played a show there.For the next 5 months we didnt play because we didnt have a drummer (Michael got tired of playing drums he claims, "My heart is in guitar"). So after  we were tired of screwing around we got back with our original lineup wrote a couple of awesome songs and got ready to play the battle of the bands in december. When we sent in the paperwork to play we never recieved a call to play, so we assumed that we werent gonna play. So me, Michael and Cody still played and wrote new songs but Jalan was to busy messin with his girlfriend to practice. Then 2 days before the batlle of the bands we saw our name in the listings to play. so i called everyone got trogether practiced and did pretty good. Just when things started to turn arouynd for us jalan abondanded us the day of the show. We were never quitters so we continued without him asked one of our best friends (Joe phillips) to sing for us. All i can say is that it just went downhill from there. After the battle of the bands we decided to go ahead and let Jalan play with us still. We are now really really ready to play a show but everyone needs a demo first and we dont have enough money to go to a fancy pants recording studio or buy the equipment to record. If you need anyone to play look us up at www.myspace.com/abraxasok. Also WE ARE LOOKING FOR A SINGER!!!!! contact me at trowiskpin93@yahoo.com

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Website: www.myspace.com/abraxasok

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